About us

‘Starodub’ means the old oak in Slavic language. Oak trees live long and represent a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. Cultures from Europe’s olden days connected this long life to wisdom and sought advice of oak trees. Starodub BV aims to be your strong and trusted partner when making strategic regulatory decisions.

Starodub BV was founded in May 2014. The company started with one employee, the founder Valentyna Starodub. By today, Our team has grown to round 20 employees and has a valuable network of specialised experts. We partner with (bio)pharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide to ensure that regulatory requirements are met and business goals, such as quick market access and compliance, are achieved. Please check the Our services page to learn how we can support you with meeting your business goals.

Our lean and powerful team strives to be of added value to our clients. All employees are highly educated and obtained degrees in pharmacy, chemistry, biology or related. Our short reporting lines are key to finding the most efficient road to your success. One of our experts will be your primary contact and the team’s collective knowledge and resources are available to give reliable advice and execute projects in the most efficient way. Together, we connect the dots and look beyond the scope of projects to make sure all aspects of importance are addressed.

At Starodub BV consistency and assurance of quality are considered as being highly important. A quality management system has been implemented and we strive to comply with GxP and ISO 9001/13485 constantly. In addition, we have an external board of control, acting as the sparring partner to set the optimal course for our company.

We strive to be a true partner to Our clients, who rate our services as ≥4.5 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). This motivates us to maintain the highest professional standards and to implement continuous improvement. 

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