Collection and use of personal data

Starodub collects personal information about its (potential) customers, business relations, candidates and employees, social media followers, website visitors, physical visitors on our head quarter and visitors of our event(s).  
We use this information to provide the required information to requester, as well as other parties related to our goods and services.

Starodub does never sell any personal information to anyone and only might share it with third parties who are facilitating the delivery of Starodub services.

Request for contact or information
If you are curious about what Starodub could do for you, please contact Starodub by telephone or via the online contact form on our website.

Online contact form 
If you request Starodub to provide you with information, make contact or schedule an appointment, you will need to provide at least the following personal data via the online contact form in order to receive our answer:

  • Company
  • First and last name
  • Email address

Depending on your request or question, you may also be asked to provide the following personal data:

  • Role
  • Telephone number (if you expect us to give you a call)

Physical visitors of our office
In order to provide a secure place to work, authorized staff is granted access to the Starodub buildings in Nuland. Our customer reception process includes stringent access control to enable visitors an interesting customer journey and feel safe at the same time. It helps Starodub to guarantee her employees and visitors safety at work and enables public services to act adequately in case of emergency.  
We see three relevant data flows that may contain a different combination of your personal data: 

  1. Employees & Contractors
  2. Regular Visitors/suppliers
  3. Guests

Data involved are: your name, your company, and signature.

Visitor Registration Process 
To make sure visitors built up a positive experience visiting our premises, they are properly registered to grant them access during one day. Optionally, we may also register extra services on demand. In combination with regular data like the name and company name of our visitors, we could for example register food preferences in case our guest is invited for lunch or dinner. That is how we know which visitors to expect and provide them a safe and pleasant stay to optimize their visitor journey.