Meet the Starodub’s nonclinical team

May 2, 2023
Meet the Starodub’s nonclinical team

A successful nonclinical strategy and program requires addressing challenges and using opportunities. 

Our nonclinical team has the experience and expertise to support our clients in all stages in nonclinical development and the regulatory approval process, be it for originators, generics, small molecules, biologicals, biosimilars, nanomedicines, medical devices and combination products.

Our support may include: 

  • Creating a customized nonclinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and toxicology strategy and program to maximize the likelihood of moving drug candidates into the clinic (CTA/IND) and onto the market (MAA/BLA/NDA).
  • Selection and management of appropriate contract research organizations (CROs), monitoring and reporting of nonclinical studies
  • Due diligence and gap assessment of nonclinical programs  
  • Authoring nonclinical sections in regulatory documents (IB, Briefing Book, CTD) 
  • Support interactions with Regulatory Authorities for Scientific Advice, Formal FDA Meetings etc.
  • Safety/risk assessments in the context of CTD module 2.4 submissions, IMPD/IND’s and for specific issues in e.g. genotoxicity. 
  • Drafting rationales for not performing certain nonclinical studies
  • Answering EMA or FDA comments following e.g. CTD submissions
  • Biological evaluation of medical devices including risk assessment

Would you like to have our support in your nonclinical strategy and program? Please contact us throughContact form.

Meet the Starodub’s nonclinical team