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Henk Koops

Senior Expert

I have over 30 years of experience in some of the largest innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world, predominantly in Regulatory Affairs CMC, but also in QA/QC and Manufacturing. I built and managed global teams ( US, Europe and Japan) of up to 60 employees, and represented the companies I worked for in organizations like EFPIA for many years. I was strategically involved in the Regulatory Affairs leadership team during 2 major take-overs, which has given me much insight in how to deal with change processes. Continuous improvement, six sigma, and competitive advantage are some of the key topics for me as a manager. With the above experience, and based on my knowledge of competetive advantage, change management and project management in general as well as my technical knowledge in the QA/QC and RA environment I am able to provide in depth strategic advise on a wide range of topics in the pharmaceutical industry.

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