December 1st, World Aids Day

1 dec. 2022
December 1st, World Aids Day

The first World AIDS Day was held in 1988. This was an initiative of employees of the World Health Organization. Worldwide the fight against AIDS is commemorated and calls are made for more solidarity with people with HIV and AIDS.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Step by step HIV breaks down the immune system that your body has built to protect you against all kinds of viruses and bacteria. If that protective layer is so weakened that your body can hardly protect itself, we call it AIDS.

Since 1996, HIV can be treated with combination therapy. The treatment of HIV consists of a combination of at least three HIV-inhibiting medicines, which must be taken daily. They block the multiplication of HIV in the body. Even people who already have AIDS can largely regain their health thanks to HIV inhibitors.

If an HIV infection is treated well with HIV inhibitors, the virus can no longer be measured in the blood. If HIV is 'undetectable', this means that HIV is still present in the body, but in such a small amount that you can no longer measure it in the blood. You are talking about a 'viral load' of less than 20 virus particles per milliliter of blood. You already speak of a low viral load at 10,000 particles. A high viral load value is 100,000 particles.

In recent years, more and better medicines have been introduced to treat HIV. Today, the life expectancy of people with HIV is comparable to that of people without HIV.

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December 1st, World Aids Day