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Ria Vos

Preclinical Expert

Almost 30 years have passed since I started working in preclinical drug development. Initially in operational and project management positions within a pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands. After 12 years in preclinical DMPK and toxicology, I continued my career as a consultant under the name Admeritox. Over the years, I have contributed to more than 100 projects, covering several therapeutic areas and involving small chemical pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and advanced therapy medicinal products. Contributions have ranged from the preparation/analysis of preclinical development strategies and implementation of associated studies to safety evaluations and the writing of preclinical parts of regulatory documents. As a consultant, I have worked with STARoDub for a number of years and much appreciate the team spirit and the focus on quality of output. I am pleased to contribute to the team as a preclinical expert and coach.

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