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Yvonne van de Camp – Hendriks

Office- eCTD support

As my track-record can tell by now, “doing nothing” is not in my dictionary.
One of my skills for which I am appreciated is my pro-active attitude and hands on support as well as being a pleasant social open minded co-worker. Speaking and writing several languages fluently has its advantages. My language skills go further beyond English, German and Spanish, for I can also speak some French, a little Italian and my mother’s native language Papiamento from the ABC islands.
I am looking forward to work with this well trained and professional team. The well-organized system and the way of working at Starodub have convinced me to be part of this team. As my horoscope symbol is a Capricorn, I do like to keep in control with a lot of perseverance and a healthy sense of humor. If you hear me singing that is because this is what I like to do in my spare time if I am not somewhere around any soccer field in the region of Brabant.

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