CEP 2.0 – the CEP of the Future

CEP 2.0 – the CEP of the Future

In the context of the project of the CEP of the future, the EDQM organized a wide public consultation with its stakeholders in late 2020. This was followed in 2022 by further targeted consultations in order to define the design of the CEP and discuss specific questions. 

Based on the different feedback received during these consultations, the "Certification Steering Committee" of the EDQM made a decision on the new design of the CEP. The implementation is expected to take place in 2023 and will be relevant for CEP holders, CEP applicants and CEP users.

The changes linked to its implementation cover the following 9 areas:

  • Area 1: CEPs and information reported
  • Area 2: Changes regarding assessment of CEP applications
  • Area 3: Online public certification database
  • Area 4: Authorities Database
  • Area 5: Fostering information sharing between CEP holders & MAH
  • Area 6: Reduction of revisions of CEPs
  • Area 7: Impact of changes and their implementation
  • Area 8: Trainings for assessors, CEP holders and CEP users
  • Area 9: Revising documents available on the website

These changes are related to an update to the “look and feel” of the CEP, not the requirements for obtaining or maintaining a CEP.

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CEP 2.0 – the CEP of the Future