The need for good product information

3 mrt. 2023
The need for good product information

End of last year, research agency Nivel published a survey regarding the confidence in medicines, showing that the Dutch give a high score for the confidence in their own medicines. Good product information plays an important key here, especially the package leaflet.

Part of this survey was a research on the information needs of customers about over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. OTC medicines are available without a prescription at the pharmacy, the drugstore or, for example, the supermarket. 

The participants indicated they do not need much information about OTC medicines. About two-third of them said they did not receive oral information on the last purchase at all. The majority however does read the package leaflet and uses OTC medicines briefly as it should. However, some patients use these medicines too long, and perhaps not always for the right complaints.

The research also showed that most consumers find the information in the package leaflet important, also for these OTC medicines. 

Providing good product information can be done orally or in writing via the package leaflet. The survey and research therefore once again emphasize the need to have readable and patient-friendly package leaflets. But good product information is likewise also applicable to the SmPC and your packaging.

Starodub is happy to assist your company to make your product texts readably, and in compliance with the relevant QRD-templates, in order to provide optimal product information to the patient. 

The need for good product information